What is a Local Delivery Program?

Our whole local delivery system evolved from the inability to have a storefront on our property due to township regulations.  The best possible way we can get bread to you is through our Local Delivery Program.  The ordering system is run by Farmigo.com, which is the leading website for organizing CSA shares online for local farms all across the country.  The system also work perfectly for what we are doing.  When you sign up for an account you will be able to order what you want, when you want it, and have it delivered to the town nearest to you.  Although we do offer a pay-as-you-go plan (through online checks or personal checks at certain locations), by far the most effective way of managing money, orders, and accounts is through the pre-payment plans described in the sign-up process.  For this reason we are giving a extra 5-10% spending cash incentive for prepayments over $100.

So How Do I Get Bread…?

Sign-Up For Our Newsletter

First, we recommend everyone sign up for our weekly newsletter.  This will let you know each week what we will be baking (only 4-5 varieties each week out of more than 20 types that we make), as well as bakehouse news and facts about what is being offered.  To sign-up, click on the button below that says “Newsletter Sign-Up”

Newletter Sign-Up

Signing Up For a Farmigo Account

Click on the button below that says “Local Delivery Sign-Up Wizard” to provide for us the information necessary to create a Farmigo account for you.  You must have an account to submit an order and have it delivered to your local pick-up location.  Once you fill out the simple form, you will receive a “Getting Started” email from us within 24 hours.

Local Delivery Sign-Up Wizard

Manually Sign-Up:

You can also set up the account yourself by entering all your information, including payment details, directly into our Farmigo site by clicking the link below and following these guidelines:

Local Delivery Manual Sign-Up

1.  Pick-Up Site:  Select the pick-up site most convenient to you.  Click on the “Map” tab to see where all the locations are.

2.  Share Option:  To sign up for our Local Delivery Program, where you can pick and choose your bread on the weeks that you want, sign up for the “Local Delivery Program” option.  The other share option is “Naturally-Leavened Medley.”  This sampler will include two different loaves, baker’s choice, each week for 4 consecutive weeks.  This is a great option for someone wishing to get acquainted with our breads for the first time.

3.  Terms:  If you would like to only pay when you make an order, you may choose “Pay As You Go,” and if you have chosen the “Naturally-Leavened Medley,” then select that payment option and the charge will be equally divided among the four weeks.  By choosing Pay As You Go, you must enter your bank account information and it will automatically charge your account for your purchase on the day of delivery.  Certain locations allow for Pay As You Go with personal checks left in a sealed envelope in the drop box with you bread.   To become a member, you may choose to pay in $100, $250, or $500 increments, each increment giving you graduated cash bonuses added to you account for paying ahead of time (5-10% extra spending cash for in the web-store).  You may also establish a tab with any amount of money less than $100 but you will not receive any bonus.

4.  Contact Info: You can create an account using Facebook, or you can create one using your email address.  Either way, you will need to fill out your contact information at this point.

5.  Pay:  Choose a payment method including online bank transfer or personal check (preferred) sent to us.

Checks can be sent to:  McGrath’s Bakehouse    1420 Arcona Rd.   Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

6. Continue to the ‘web store’ and see the offerings for the week (you should see the link in the upper right portion of the page)!  If you have trouble getting to the web store, you can visit it at the link below:

Web Store

Your balance will be deducted from on the day of delivery.  Likewise, your bank account will be charged the day of the delivery if you chose the pay-as-you-go option.

Read our Local Delivery Program policy

Enjoy Your Bread, it is Our Guarantee

It is our goal to give you the best possible product.  When you buy a loaf of McGrath’s bread, you are buying a naturally-leavened loaf using organic grains and baked in a wood-fired brick oven.  These factors are what make our bread a rare find in the midstate area, and is why we believe our product to be superior to other breads that may look similar.  If there is any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know for a full refund or credit for more bread.

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