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Our response in light of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of demand for our local sourdough bread, and as long as we are healthy, we will continue to provide it for you.  There are some changes in our bread selection and some necessary changes in our practices that are outlined below.  In all that we do, we hope to continue to responsibly serve our customers during a time of social distancing by reducing unnecessary risk of exposure between customers and ourselves.

  1. All our pickup locations are currently suspended and therefore all orders will be picked up at McGrath's Bakehouse.
  2. At the Bakehouse, we will not be accepting cash at this time.  All orders should be paid for ahead of time online.  If you are coming for extras, please call ahead after 2pm on Wednesday or Friday to see what is available.  We will send you an invoice to pay for your order online.  We are still accepting checks for alternative payment accounts.
  3. All bread will be picked up in our breezeway with no need to come inside.  If multiple customers are here at once, please respect the 6-ft distance.  For now, bread will be bagged in paper with a plastic bag inside it (this reduces condensation in the bag when outdoor temperatures are different from that in the bakehouse).
  4. Since being overwhelmed with demand during these times, we found it necessary to streamline our production to just a few varieties in order to increase our production.  At this time, you will only notice the plain varieties of McGrath's Original, Irish Oatmeal, and Whole Wheat.  There will be some weeks when we will add in one flavored variety, such as a fruit or cheese bread, and you can stay updated by signing up for our newsletter.
Thank you for your support.