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Donation: 15 Bakehouse Cookies for Mobile Mission

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We have heard it time and time again from our customers: "Your Bakehouse Cookies make such a good and hearty meal replacement!"

Then we got the idea: What if we could get these pocket meals into the hands of those who need it most?  People who, for a multitude of reasons, are on the streets of Harrisburg with no place to live.  It's hard to get by, but having a bakehouse cookie in a pocket could make a real difference for that day.

However, since we use costly high quality ingredients, we cannot sustain this endeavor on our own in providing enough cookies every other week like we hope to do.  So we have a proposal, if you are willing to partner with us:

If you donate $10, we will cover the rest of the cost for 15 cookies (a $37.50 value!) to be donated to Bethesda Mobile Mission

These cookies will go directly to Bethesda Mission's "Mobile Mission."  This ministry uses a van to go out into the city and meet those living on the streets where they are.  Twice each weekend the mission distributes food and supplies to make sure these homeless have what they need to get by.  With your donations, our breakfast cookies are now being provided as one of these provisions.

Please help us love these neighbors in need.  Thank you!

*note: it does not matter which pick-up location you choose at checkout.  Your donation will be delivered to Bethesda Mission.  Thanks!