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y. Sourdough Starter

y. Sourdough Starter

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Have you ever wanted to make sourdough bread on your own?  Here is some starter that you can perpetuate on your own!

LIMIT 1 PER PERSON.  Why?  Sourdough starter is something to be perpetuated.  This means that we just give you a little bit, and you are responsible for multiplying it.  In other words, we will not give you more sourdough starter every time you want to make bread. In the bakery, we multiply the starter 8x every time we feed it.  This means if we have 1 ounce of starter, we will feed it 3.5 ounces of water, and 3.5 ounces of flour, and in a matter of 8 hours we have 8 ounces of starter!  This is why our starters are decades old, because we never throw it all away.