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We are not currently updating future weeks of our calendar menu right now, because it is impossible to plan ahead in this rapidly changing coronavirus situation.  We do intend to bake every week moving forward.  To stay up to date on what we are baking, please sign up for our newsletter, which goes out every Friday evening.

Online ordering for Wednesday pick-up:  Web store opens by 8pm Friday & Closes 10am Monday 

Online ordering for Friday pick-up: Web store opens by 8pm Friday & Closes 10am Wednesday 

  • We do not ship any product
  • Bread is packaged in paper by default.  A plastic bag will be folded and included inside with the loaf.  Please let us know in a comment if you have a preference between paper or plastic bags.  This preferencwill be saved for all future orders.
  • You are required to choose a pick up day (Wednesday or Friday) at checkout.  Currently all orders will be picked up at the Bakehouse.
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 In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes in our operation.  Click here to read more.