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Bakehouse Bread

Here is a quick list of our breads. To see what is available this week, visit the web store here.


McGrath’s Original: Basic sourdough bread. A blend of white flours with a touch of rye.

Irish Oatmeal: Cooked steel cut oat porridge make this bread soft and moist. Great for sandwiches.

Everyday Sandwich Bread: A soft and light crumb that is enriched with organic olive oil and local honey which is perfect for sandwiches every day!

Whole Wheat: A simple whole grain pan bread that is just flour, water, and salt.

Caraway Rye: A quintessential rye bread with the classic and complementary flavor of whole caraway seeds mixed throughout the dough.

Prairie Bread: More of a whole grain bread with sunflower, flax, and poppy seeds. Great with a generous smear of butter!

Three Seed: Soaked flax and toasted sunflower and sesame seeds make for an aromatic loaf that is great for just about anything.

American Harvest: Cranberries, sunflower seeds, and wild rice - great for breakfast, especially French toast!

Cinnamon Raisin: Plump raisins and a swirl of cinnamon make this bread mildly sweet and great for breakfast.

Cranberry Orange: Tart cranberries and zesty orange peel makes for an attractive loaf that is just as tasty. Great for breakfast with cream cheese.

Cranberry Pecan: This loaf is packed with the classic fruit and nut combo that is good for all things breakfast.

Dill Onion: A traditional light textured savory bread filled with bits of onion and fragrant dill. This is our go-to bread for tomato sandwiches.

Everything Bread: Onion, garlic, wild rice, and cheddar cheese. Coated in sesame seeds - great for snacking and toast.

Sesame & Cheddar: Chunks of local cheddar cheese from pastured cows integrated into a basic dough and rolled in sesame seeds.

Parmesan Olive Herb: An irresistible combination of salty green manzanilla olives, chunks of golden parmesan cheese, and savory herbs of rosemary and sage.

Cheesy Peppercorn: Chunks of local cheddar cheese mixed into a dough studded with freshly ground black pepper.

Cheesy Dill Onion: This is our popular seasonal dill onion bread, this time with locally produced cheddar cheese from pastured cows.

Butternut Butter Bread: Local roasted squash and local butter make this loaf unique among our lineup. A soft crumb that toasts to perfection.

Pumpkin Raisin Pecan: Soft, subtlety sweet, and nutty. Featuring our own homegrown pumpkin, naturally sweet raisins, and pecans.

Bakehouse Cookie: It's a "breakfast cookie" weighing in at over a quarter of a pound each, made of wholesome and nutritious ingredients, mildly sweet, and great on the go.