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Checkout Procedure

The Cart Page

Select a Pick Up Location: On the cart page you are required to choose a pick up location before you are able to proceed to checkout. Depending on when you place your order, you will notice that there will be locations for both the following Wednesday and Friday.  Please choose appropriately.

Checkout: Once you have chosen a location, the Checkout button will be able to be clicked and you can then proceed.

    On the Customer Information page

    Discounts: If there are any discount codes available, there will be a box to the right of the page where you can enter a code 

    Options for PayPal and Pay With Amazon: At the top of this page, you have the ability to skip filling out this information by choosing to check out either with PayPal or Pay With Amazon.  You will continue through your checkout using these accounts  

      Pay with Credit Card or Alternative Payment Account: If you choose to pay with credit card or if you have an Alternative Payment Account (for paying with check, cash, or store credit), you need to fill out the information on this page and "Continue to payment method."  


        Create an Account: So that you don't have to fill out this information every time, it would be beneficial to create an account which you will simply log into via the link below the email box.  By creating an account, you can also keep track of your order history. (No payment information is stored on this account)