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Everything Bread

Everything Bread

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1.3 lb. loaf

The flavors and textures of this bread are inspired by Kevin’s favorite bagel variety. It spotlights chopped dried onion and garlic, cooked wild rice a rich melty sharp white cheddar cheese mixed throughout the loaf, and surrounded by white and black sesame seeds, getting a mouth full of everything in every bite. It is everything you could want in a savory bread!

Ingredients: Organic sifted wheat flour, sharp white cheddar cheese, organic whole wheat flour, sourdough culture, organic sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, wild rice (cultivated paddy rice*), organic rye flour, organic sesame seeds, organic chopped onion flakes, dried minced garlic, RealSalt®, organic malted barley flour

*(NOTE: The wild rice used in this bread is cultivated paddy rice. True wild rice is different and is hand harvested in wild ecosystems and parched. In general, all our ingredients are organic, but the paddy rice in this bread is not organic)

*all breads contain some rice flour on the crust from dusting boards and baskets, and possibly olive oil from brushing dough boxes.