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Three Seed

Three Seed

$ 7.25

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1.3 lb. loaf

This bread is complex in flavor and texture, yet complementary to so many things. A fresh loaf releases an intoxicating aroma, enveloping big toasty flavor with toasted organic sesame seeds, organic toasted sunflower seeds, and soaked organic brown flax seeds throughout the loaf. The crumb is moderately open with a lighter yet chewy texture, and the caramelized crust surface of the end piece is often the most coveted slice!

Ingredients: Organic sifted wheat flour, organic rye flour, sourdough culture, organic sunflower seeds, organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, RealSalt®, organic malted barley flour

*all breads contain some rice flour on the crust from dusting boards and baskets, and possibly olive oil from brushing dough boxes.