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z. Baguettes 2-pack [Frozen]

$ 6.00

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We make baguettes on Saturdays and have decided to sell our extras on the web store.  This item is not always available, so snatch some while you can!  Baguettes will be thawed for your pick up unless you are picking up at McGrath's Bakehouse AND you make a note on your order to keep them frozen.  We highly recommend re-heating your thawed baguettes before eating, in a 400 degree oven for 5-10 minutes, depending on the crust you desire (the longer the bake, the harder the crust).

(2) 10 oz baguettes

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, sourdough culture, RealSalt®, organic malted barley flour

*all breads contain some rice flour on the crust from dusting boards and baskets, and possibly olive oil from brushing dough boxes.