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x. Sesame Original [Frozen]

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If our bread does not sell after one day, we then will sell it frozen.  This is still great bread, but we don't want to stock frozen bread, and we certainly don't want to throw it out, so it is yours for a discounted price!  All frozen bread is delivered in the thawed out state.  Here are some tips for previously frozen bread.

1.3 lb. loaf

This is simply our McGrath’s Original, rolled in organic sesame seeds and then toasted to perfection in the brick oven while they cling to the crust.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, sourdough culture, organic sesame seeds, RealSalt®, organic malted barley flour

*all breads contain some rice flour on the crust from dusting boards and baskets, and possibly olive oil from brushing dough boxes.