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Building a Brick Oven (Part 2)

And the brick laying begins!


The first wall course

Second course
The brick plank is starting to bow
Third course
Fourth course, and sponging the walls clean

The first course of hearth bricks were laid in dry, and then a 1/4" ceramic fiber gasket was glued to the wall and it will be around the hearth tiles to allow for expansion

Laying the hearth tiles with a sand/clay paste underneath them for leveling and bond

Oven profile, labeled

These scew bricks will accept our arch bricks nicely.
Laying the scew bricks in place
These little nubs are just a little support for the i-beams which will hold the oven together.
The scew bricks to accept the jack arch.
Laying out the jack arch bricks
Cutting the jack arch bricks. Everything is cut using a dry masonry saw with a diamond blade.
The i-beams are in place, ready to lay some arches!
laying the first row of the jack arch.
Double jack arch
Wooden forms will hold our 1/8" hardboard to make one continuous form.
The vault is started.
While Derek lays the bricks, Kevin fills in the cracks with grog.
Forms underneath the vault
Arch bricks are laid.
Taking the form out about a half hour after we finished.
It was a tight fit to clean the bottom of the arch.
Sometimes unforeseen problems arise. Our jack arch sagged about half an inch, so we removed it in order to lay it over again.
And problems come in pairs - our vault sagged as well. So we deconstructed it to try again - no need to take a risk in leaving it be... worth an extra day's work.
The second time around was a little tighter - an overall good thing.
The first course of arch bricks are done once again, this time we leave the form in for a whole day before removing.
When we took the form out the arch held its shape nicely - we will all sleep a little better tonight! Cleaning the bottom of the arch again.
While Kevin was cleaning out the oven, Derek was laying the next course of arch bricks above him.

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